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Top 10 Central Florida Field Trips For Homeschoolers

When you live in a place with so many activities available at every turn, planning a field trip for your homeschool curriculum can be overwhelming. I’ve got you covered — I’m always on the lookout for out-of-the-box, educational options for fun field trips to try with my homeschoolers. So, grab your planner because we are about to plan some fascinating field trips for the 2019-2020 school year!

  1. The Black Hammock | Oviedo | theblackhammock.com
    Living life on the edge is easy when alligator-infested waters are just miles from your backyard. Lake Jesup sits 20 miles north of Orlando in the heart of Seminole County and is home to the second-largest alligator population in the state of Florida (the Everglades holds strong at #1). Black Hammock Airboat Rides in Oviedo offers thrilling adventures along the lake. Throughout the tour, your guide will share interesting facts about the alligator population and why so many of them call Florida home. Black Hammock provides several different tour packages; some even include lunch at their lakefront restaurant. Gator sightings happen frequently, so keep your camera ready.

2. Saint Augustine | visitstaugustine.com
Take a step back in time when you visit Saint Augustine! Considered the oldest city in the United States, this historic destination is filled with experiences sure to launch your homeschooler to 16th century Florida. You’ll feel as though you stepped through the portal of time as you stare upon the place where the Spanish voyager Juan Ponce De Léon once came ashore. In another unparalleled experience, walk down Martin Luther King Boulevard, where Dr. King marched during the Civil Rights movement, and pass by two homes he slept in when visiting the area. You don’t get much closer to time travel than a visit to Saint Augustine!

3. Bearadise | Myakka City | bearadiseranch.com
Amid a forest-like enclosure about two hours west of Orlando sits Bearadise Ranch. The bears who call this camp home are living their best life, and why wouldn’t they be? They are famous! Since the 1940s, Bearadise bears have played in several Hollywood blockbusters and starred in multiple commercials. This unique opportunity creates an exciting learning experience for students to discover interesting facts about the bear species and the many dangers they face today.

4. Kennedy Space Center  | Merritt Island kennedyspacecenter.com
More fascinating than living in Mickey Mouse’s backyard is knowing we’re neighbors with NASA, too. Located right up the Space Coast in Merritt Island is Kennedy Space Center, where innovative ideas take flight! Spend the day lost in space as your student learns all about the history of the space program and about how NASA and its partners are working to expand space exploration in the future. 

5. Holocaust Memorial Resource and Educational Center
of Central Florida | Maitland |
The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Educational Center provides an in-depth learning experience that teaches visitors about the atrocities suffered by Jewish people during World War II. The museum opened in the 1980s because the Holocaust was not a part of the curriculum in Central Florida at that time. The recorded testimonies given by several Holocaust survivors provide perspective on their experience that students will find to be informative and moving.

6. Medieval Times | Kissimmee | medievaltimes.com
As the drawbridge lowers and they walk through the castle doors, students will be immediately transported to a time long ago! Medieval Times is an engaging way to teach your child about how tournaments played a major role throughout the Dark Ages. The Medieval Times arena is set up as a battleground where knights compete on horseback while guests cheer them on. Separate from the castle is a chamber where weapons and other artifacts are on display. Chamber doors close once the show starts, so be sure to give yourself extra time to visit. 

7. Two Tails Ranch | Williston | allaboutelephants.com
Did you know the elephant’s closest living relative is a manatee? And just like their cousins, elephants are at risk of extinction? Thanks to the owners of Two Tail Ranch, who are bringing awareness to the community, we learned many interesting facts about these fascinating creatures. Hour-long educational tours are offered daily, so you too can learn about things like why elephants sway side to side for nearly 24 hours a day or how you can help protect elephants from extinction. In addition to the tour, the ranch offers three more options to enhance your learning experience: a photo-op, a feeding or even a ride!

8. Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour | Winter Park | scenicboattours.com
There are so many reasons to love Winter Park, and here is another one: a delightfully informative boat ride through the city. The waters of Lake Osceola create an off-the-beaten path experience for students to enjoy a unique and truly interesting perspective of Winter Park’s lush history. Your child will pass under the oldest oak tree in Winter Park while learning what the Spanish moss hanging low from its branches was used for in the 1800s. During your tour, you will also pass many mansions owned by celebrities who visit our theme parks annually. Another bonus: an up-close look the former home of America’s favorite neighbor — Mr. Rogers!

9. Crystal River Manatee Tours | Crystal River plantationoncrystalriver.com
Over 400 West Indian manatees migrate to Florida each year. Plantation on Crystal River offers a variety of educational tours that allow visitors an up-close experience with Florida’s gentle giants. Learn what attracts these massive mammals to our rivers and why they’re endangered. Students will also learn how to help protect Florida’s manatees. PLAY Tip: The spring water is chilly year-round, so a wetsuit is highly recommended. 

10. Showcase of Citrus | Clermont showcaseofcitrus.com
Who wouldn’t want to ride in the world’s largest monster truck and tour one of Central Florida’s largest orange groves? At Showcase of Citrus in Clermont, expect to learn everything there is to know about Florida’s oranges and even pick a few to bring home. Explore the gem mine, which teaches students about science and geology, or head to the petting farm and interact with the animals. 

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