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Soft Grays and Sunrays

Local photographer and mommy of three Natasha Smith let us take a peek at her adorable nursery for baby Evan. Its soothing gray tones, pops of yellow and unique wall art make for a perfect modern, gender-neutral nursery.

With the whole house taking on a modern design and feel, Natasha wanted the kids’ rooms to follow the same trend. For her three boys’ bedrooms, she stuck with the main color being gray. Then, each room featured a different accent color–green for Camrenn and turquoise for Jadenn. For baby Evan’s nursery, she chose yellow–something bright and fun.

Over a span of about six months, Natasha collected the décor, picking up items both in store and on the web. Her favorite spots for affordable pieces were Hobby Lobby and Ikea.

Natasha’s skills as a photographer and creative eye gave her a distinct advantage in making the space unique. She created distinctive wall art using graphics she found online, which she had printed and then framed in Ikea wall frames. She kept the walls simple with a gray-and-white-striped backdrop that had little pops of color and personal touches.

For baby Evan’s viewing pleasure, a handmade collage of paper balls and pomanders, which Natasha grouped together using separate pieces from Party City, hangs above his crib.

This nursery isn’t just adorable and modern; it’s a safe environment for Evan, and a comfortable one for mom and dad. Don’t be afraid to get creative or take on a DIY challenge. The finished product makes for a unique space worth bragging about.

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