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Smarty Pants

Photo: Marliese Carmona

Photography by Marliese Carmona
Wardrobe and prop styling by Alisha Champ 
Hair and make-up by Tracie Cervero Gifford
Shot on location at Orlando Science Center

Lawton, 8, Orlando
Look 1: Plaid button-down shirt, $15 from Target; ripped jeans, $36 from Zara; brown leather shoes, $30 from Old Navy
Look 2: Black graphic tee shirt, $11; gray cardigan, $30 from Old Navy; Army green pants, $30; camo sneakers, $35 from Zara

Michael J, 9, Winter Garden
Look 1: Graphic sweatshirt, $10; denim shirt, $20; brown pants, $18 from H&M; blue shoes, $36 from Zara
Look 2: Graphic tee shirt, $6; dark blue jeans, $18 from Target; maroon Converse high-top sneakers, $35 from Journeys

Ella, 8, Orlando
Look 1: Yellow dress, $36; blue flowered scarf, $16; rocket purse, $23; red buckled shoes, $30 from Zara; navy bow, $13 from Tugboat & the Bird
Look 2: Leopard print jacket, $35; graphic tee shirt, $15 from Old Navy; black jeans, $60 from Abercrombie; black bow headband, $16 from Tugboat & the Bird in Winter Park; gold high-top sneaker, $25 from Target

Lily, 7, Orlando
Look 1: Blue flowered dress, $30; red beaded necklace, $24 from Tugboat & the Bird; silver tasseled shoes, $36 from Zara
Look 2: Graphic tee shirt, $16; ripped jeans, $30; black bow shoes, $30 from Zara; checked shirt, $15 from Target; red bow, $11; black leather bracelet, $20 from Tugboat & the Bird

Written by
Marliese Carmona Photography

Marliese Carmona is a commercial and editorial photographer in Central Florida. She is a toddler chasing, yoga loving, mad scientist creative with two kids, a house full of corgis, and a serious, serious love affair with light. Marliese also develops talent portfolios for models and actors in the Florida market.

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Written by Marliese Carmona Photography


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