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Say Goodbye to Bummer Weather… And Hello to SeaWorld’s “Weather-or-Not” Adventure!

:sun_with_face::dolphin:Hey there, Central Florida super parents! :ocean: :tada:  We know how important it is to make every family day out a splash-tastic success, rain or shine. That’s why we wanted to share the new “Weather-or-Not” Assurance at SeaWorld Orlando – the ultimate family fun guarantee for all you adventure-loving parents and your little explorers! 

:rain_cloud: Rain or Shine, They’ve Got You Covered!

No more fretting about the unpredictable Florida weather! :partly_sunny_rain::tornado: Your fun-filled day at SeaWorld is now backed by an all-new, ultra-generous policy that protects your family fun from the wildest weather twists.

:beach_with_umbrella: Heatwave? No Sweat!

With “Weather-or-Not” Assurance, soaring temperatures won’t dampen your spirits! If the thermometer reaches scorching heights of 110 degrees or more, guess what? You’re eligible for a FREE return visit. That’s right, no more melting in the sun – just cool, breezy adventures on us!

:roller_coaster: Thrills, Chills, and Round-Trip Spills!

Here’s the scoop: if weather forces the rides to take a temporary break for 60 minutes or more, don’t sweat it! You and your little thrill-seekers are automatically invited back for another round of fun within the next 12 months. That’s like an extra slice of excitement, no extra charge!

:rainbow: How It Works: The Magic Behind “Weather-or-Not”

All you need to do is be in the park on your ticket day or fill out a quick online form with your order number. It’s that simple!

More deets and conditions can be found at seaworld.com, your ultimate go-to for endless family fun.

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