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Play the New Retro Camera Game on The Wheel at ICON Park

“The Great Florida Road Trip” is a new game that takes visitors on a nostalgic journey through Florida in the 50s and 60s while riding aboard The Wheel at ICON Park.

Old Florida charm meets exciting innovation with the launch of “The Great Florida Road Trip” at ICON Park. Part game, part educational opportunity, guests will be taken on a historic journey that highlights Florida locations that have beckoned visitors for decades.

Upon boarding The Wheel, each player receives a special camera – resembling a vintage long-lens photographer’s camera from the 50s – that’s outfitted with infrared technology that reaches up to 1,000 feet to interact with game markers on the rooftops below. The 45 markers symbolize a nostalgic road trip through the Sunshine State including Florida oranges and giant vintage postcards promoting famous travel destinations of the era, with a 1940s-era radio voice describing fun facts about the sights. Using the camera, players aim at the sensors at each marker and “snap” a photo to electronically register points. Every cabin has a winner, as the high scorer gets a prize – a $5 arcade card for In The Game ICON Park.

At the end of the experience, every party will receive a special memento of their vacation with the Flamingo Family. Guests will be provided with a retro-style postcard they can fill out after the experience and drop in a themed mailbox for ICON Park to mail out for them.

“This new experience is inspired by the original features that put Florida on the map,” said Chris Jaskiewicz, ICON Park president and CEO. “Weaving together new technology with nostalgia, this experience was designed for people of all ages to enjoy. Parents and grandparents will love the vintage appeal, and kids can put their gaming skills to the test.”

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