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Pack a Healthy Lunch Punch

Emmabean’s 10 Healthy Lunch Recommendations

Baldwin Park mom, Emily Bose (mother of three), and Jessica Tantalo are the owners of Emmabean, a boutique food service that’s changing how Central Florida families eat on the go and at home. Emily’s three boys happily taste-test every kids’ meal before it goes to market. Emmabean caters fresh and healthy lunchboxes delivered to local schools as well as boutique events for your next special occasion.

Eggs All Around. Eggs are great source of protein and energy and can be prepared in so many different ways that you’re sure to find one that appeals to your little one. Try hard-boiled eggs, egg salad, cool scrambled egg burritos or a mini frittata for some on-the-go options. 

Crazy for Quesadillas. These cheese sandwiches are every kid’s favorite and still yummy at room temperature. Add a protein like chicken or beans along with your favorite salsa and sliced avocado on the side to round out the meal.

Super Subs. According to my son Coco, sandwiches can be boring. The best way to spruce them up is to turn a sandwich into a sub! Let the kids pick out the protein, toppings and condiments themselves for guaranteed awesomeness.

Let the Market Decide. Head out to your local farmers market with the kiddos and let them choose an in-season food item to include in their lunch. After visiting the farmers market over the weekend, you can involve the kids in lunch preparation on Sunday night. This a perfect for Monday lunch! Encourage the kids to think up some of their own creations. 

Breakfast for Lunch. Who doesn’t love breakfast any time of day? Try mini pancakes with yogurt dipping sauce and a side of fruit — yum! Just whip up some extra pancakes the next time you make Sunday breakfast and pop them in the freezer for the next quick school lunch. 

Fruit Smoothies. Double your favorite morning smoothie and fill your child’s insulated container for a nutritious lunch. Pair with a half nut butter (SunButter is fantastic and peanut-free) and honey sandwich or pita triangles and cheese for a larger lunch. PLAY TIP: Include a fun reusable straw!

Grill Master. Are you having a barbecue this weekend? Throw on a couple extra drumsticks, and you’re all set. They’re easy to eat and delicious hot or cold. Throw in corn-on-the-cob and a seasonal fruit to round out the lunch.

Grain Bowls. Start with your favorite grain, such as rice, quinoa or couscous, and let the topping begin — think roasted veggies, legumes and grilled chicken. Finish it off with a salsa or ranch dressing on the side.

Soup It Up. Prepare a big batch of your family’s favorite chili or chicken noodle soup over the weekend. Use an insulated container to pack soup for a healthy lunch. You can also freeze leftover soup for an easy meal later. 

Learn more about Emmabean’s seasonal, organically focused school lunch delivery service and event catering at emmabeanorlando.com.

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