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Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

Ditch the sugar rush and try out something a little more unique this Easter season! If you’re looking for some hoppin’ Easter basket ideas for kids that don’t involve candy, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these awesome gifts and unique stuffers that were curated from local stores specifically for our Playground readers. The hardest part is going to be deciding which one to buy … Hoppy Shopping!

The Whimsy Emporium

241 N. Country Club Rd #1009, Lake Mary

Andrea, owner of The Whimsy Emporium, is the perfect person to put together these adorable baskets for the kids in your crew! You can also grab some adorable Easter décor here, too.

Princess Easter Basket (Ages 4-8):

  • My Funny Bunny by Christine Roussey – $16.99
  • Magic Moving Puzzle – $19.99 – comes in a variety of themes
  • Doodle Pouch – $16.99 – color, wash, color again
  • White Bunny Plush – $19.99
  • Teleties hair bands – $7.99 – smaller sized for smaller ponytails, comes in a variety of colors
  • Cat socks – $9.99
  • Confetti stamp markers – $13.99
  • Grow Butterfly Egg – $6.99 – submerge in water and watch it hatch
  • Princess Bath Bomb – $9.99 – comes in a variety of styles
  • Little Bakers Game – $9.99 – fast and fun card game
  • Peep earrings – $9.99 – comes in a variety of colors. Safe for sensitive ears!
  • Easter Squishies – $10.99 – 6 per pack
  • Bouncy Ball – $6.99 – comes in a variety of animals

Egg Hunting Crew Basket (Ages 4-8):

  • Don’t Play With Your Food by Bob Shea – $16.99
  • Brown Bunny Plush – $19.99
  • Magic Water Cards – $17.99 – comes in a variety of themes, great for on the go
  • Wooden pinball game – $11.99 – comes in a variety of animals
  • Gamer Socks – $9.99 
  • Magnifying Bug Viewer – $4.99
  • Build a Bird House – $16.99
  • Lion Jump Rope – $10.99 – comes in a variety of styles
  • Farm Fresh Crackin’ Egg – $7.99 – smash it for a surprise
  • Frank’s Dogs Food Van – $19.99 – comes in a variety of styles
  • Roadway Washi Tape – $7.99
  • Squeeze Bubbles – $4.99 – comes in a variety of animals
  • Bouncy Ball – $6.99 – comes in a variety of animals
  • Egg Hunting Crew T-shirt – $19.99 – comes in sizes 2T – Youth Small

Tweenager Easter Basket:

  • Sun Jellies basket – $29.99 – comes in a variety of pastel colors. Great for use as a beach bag after Easter!
  • Trucker Hat – $24.99 – comes in a variety of colors and sayings
  • Doodle Pillowcase – $19.99 – color, wash and color again
  • The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer – $9.99 – part of a 6 book series great for Middle Readers ages 
  • The Magic Butterfly – $6.99 – wind it up and put it in a book or card for flying fun, reusable
  • Ink-a-do Tattoo pens – $6.99 
  • Escape from the Aquarium game – $14.99 
  • Smile socks – $9.99
  • Don’t Worry Be Happy bubbly bath – $23.99
  • Good Times Cosmetic bag – $14.99 
  • Smiley face ID holder/wallet – $17.99
  • Roller girl lip gloss – $11.99
  • Peeps necklace – $17.99
  • Chocolate bunny earrings – $7.99 
  • Teleties hair bands – $9.99 – comes in a variety of colors
  • Surprise carrot – $11.99 – filled with cute jokes and little gifts
  • Wind up chick – $4.99 – grab one for everyone in the family and have chick races!

Tugboat & the Bird

318 N. Park Ave., Winter Park

The super helpful team at Tugboat & the Bird curated these Easter basket ideas that any kid will love!

Baby Easter Basket (Ages 0-2):

  • My Easter Basket Book by Mud Pie $29: Practice for the big holiday hunt — hide and collect eggs over and over again in this sweet basket shaped book.
  • Chewbeads TetherToo Travel Accessory by Chewbeads $16: A safe tether and detachable teether that goes anywhere, attaches to anything, and keeps baby’s belongings in one place on the go!
  • Whirly Squigz by Fat Brain Toy Co. $28: Fun little Spinners that can go with you anywhere.
    Elijah/Oliver Birdie Blanket by Birdie Bean $55: From swaddling to stroller rides, even snuggled up with you. Your little one will love this blanket!
  • Mint Retro Basket by Sun Jellies $28: Sun Jellies’ original classic jelly bag, famous in Europe and America. Ideal for summer the large Retro Basket will hold all your daytime essentials – très chic and practical!
  • Fat Brain Toy Dimpl by Fat Brain Toy Co. $16.50: Little fingers can’t resist these beautiful buttons! Built safely into the sturdy ABS plastic frame are five vibrant silicone bubbles in varying sizes and colors.
  • Little Sunshine Board Book by Bunnies By The Bay $20; A delightful way to start each day, the perfect “wake up” story reminding little ones how much they are loved as they rise in the morning.
  • Little Floppy Nibble Bunny– Almond Joy by Bunnies By The Bay $28: With long lop buttery soft ears for soothing and hand-embroidered face, pink cheeks and big fluffy tail this stuffed bunny is made to be loved.

Toddler Easter Basket (Ages 2-4):

  • Hollingsworth Hat Pink/White by The Beaufort Bonnet Company $46: Your little one will stay nice and shaded for a day of fun under the sun in the Hollingsworth Hat!
  • Blossoms Hide and Seek Board Book by Bunnies By The Bay $20: This durable 7 inch by 7 inch board book contains a sweet story featuring Blossom Bunny with her pals buzzbee, girlbug and tweet playing a game of hide and seek.
  • Easter Basket Hand Painted by Artist Jacqueline Smalley $68: (Not available Online)
  • Pink Sunglasses by WeeFarers $29 Designed by parents for a secure, comfortable fit. Engineered to protect their young, developing eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Frozen Heart Wand/Hunny Bunny Wand by Pink Poppy $8.50 A cute bunny shaped wand with metallic finish. Bunny is decorated with sparkles and gemstones!
  • High Bounce Wooly Ball $4.25 Perfect for playing outdoors this Spring!
  • Floppy Nibble Bunny- Coral Blush by Bunnies By The Bay $28 Little Floppy Nibble Bunny is sweet, tender and oh-my-gosh unbelievably soft, and now floppier than ever, and ready to be snuggled. This bunny is one that will hug you right back!
  • Bake Busy Board Puzzle by Mud Pie $32: Wooden puzzle with knob handles features hinged, mirrored and spinning details for pretend play.

Child Easter Basket (Ages 4-6):

  • Gnome Home Thinking Putty® by Crazy Aaron’s Putty World $18: How quickly can you forage through the cluster of colorful mushrooms to find the 6 hidden gnomes?
  • Bunny and Carrot Hat by Harding Lane $34: 1 – 10 yrs, adjustable sail cloth back strap to customize fit, head circumference 16 – 21 inches, large bill provides sun protection, pre-washed fabric, 100% cotton, Needlepoint embroidery.
  • Funatic Foam by Licensed To Play $15: Get ready for good, clean fun with Funatic Foam! It’s the all-new way for kids to play with spray foam made from real soap that’s safe for eyes and your home! Colorful and scented, Funatic Foam is perfect for bath time play or bubbly backyard fun! Sprays in the palm of your hand or up to 8 ft outside!
  • Easter Basket Hand Painted by Artist Jacqueline Smalley $68: (Not available Online)
  • Blue Gingham Easter Basket Bow by The Yellow Lamb $22: Monogrammable bow; basket not included.
  • Nibble Bunny- Lavender by Bunnies By The Bay $22: Tiny Nibble Bunny is more evidence that wonderful things do come in small packages. This bunny rabbit may be tiny, but he will be a huge hit!
  • Hot Wheels 5 Pack by Mattel $12.95: The Classic Hot Wheels Cars: An Instant Collection of Race Ready Toys!

Pre-Teen Easter Basket (Ages 8-12):

  • Clear Glitter Blue Light Blocking Glasses by ban.do $32: Computer screen, phone screen, TV screen, give your eyes a break with these blue light glasses! They have wayfarer-style frames that are filled with glitter.
  • Bonnie Bunny w. Carrot by Jellycat Inc. $25 This beigey bunny has been digging and snuffling, to find the finest veg in the patch! Our waggle-eared wonder is off to the fair with a suedey orange carrot, stitched with detail and topped with fine squidgy leaves!
  • Pink Wash-Out Hair Paint by Unicorn Snot $18.25: A pillow-proof hair paint you can apply at home and remove in a single wash.
  • Therapy Dough (Scent RETRO) by Pinch Me $28. Allow RETRO to take you on a stroll down memory lane. This delightful childhood fruity blend is sure to rekindle wonderful memories that transport you back in time.
  • Coney Island Cone by Glossy Pops LLC. $18 Flip open the candy-colored Glossy Pop top for a clear pastel pink lip balm that was inspired by a beach stroll down the Coney Island boardwalk. Unscrew the gemstone handle for a clear & shiny lip gloss. Oh & did we mention the cute little ice cream cone charm?
  • Under The Sea(Foam) Bitty Bogg by Bogg Bag $59.95: Perfect for Mommy and Me, or for the Bogg lover that needs ALL the sizes. Light in weight but BIG in personality, the Bitty Bogg® Bag measures 11″ x 8.5″ x 4.5″
  • Bunny Stationery Set in Egg by Iscream $10.95
  • Kate Spade Straw Set $28
  • Insulated Water Bottle $44

Orlando Science Center Gift Shop

777 E. Princeton St., Orlando

This hidden gem is always a great place to find out-of-this-world gifts for your kids!

Science Easter Basket:

  • Extreme Secret Formula Lab: $30 – Formulate! Experiment! Discover! Create your own Mad Lab with real lab equipment and test growing, oozing, and glowing mixtures again and again with ingredients from your kitchen. Perfect for kids age 10+.
  • Ginormous Hatch n’ Grow Dino: $13 – Watch and observe with amazement as the 7-inch GIANT egg hatches and the dino inside grows over time! A fun twist on the Easter egg, this is a great option for non-candy baskets.
  • Plush Earth: $37 – This 9 in celestial buddy has an expressive face and plush arms open and ready for a hug. Plus, the tag provides fun educational facts, including age, weight, diameter and more.
  • Mars Dirt: $8 – Space exploration on a small scale! Includes 3.52 oz. of magic sand and two 1.75 in spacemen.
  • Illustrated Elementary Science Dictionary: $12.99 – This book tells it straight and simple, explaining everything children and parents need to understand basic level science. Dip in for quick explanations or work through by subject to build up knowledge step-by-step and help to lay a firm foundation for confidence and success in science!
  • Science Center binoculars:$12 – These binoculars are the perfect size for little adventurers! Use them for backyard sports, camping, bird watching, super-secret missions, summer vacation, and so much more.
  • Plush Stegosaurus: $25 – Though their bodies were about the length of a bus, stegosaurus had a brain only slightly larger than a walnut. But don’t worry – this guy isn’t even close to life-sized!
  • NASA Insulated Water bottle: $28 – Drinking water improves essential functions like circulation and boosts your mood and productivity. Water is your brain fuel! Keep your water cold for at least 24 hours in this stellar insulated water bottle.
  • Orlando Science Center sweatshirt: $44 – (Pictured in size small)

Yaya + Lou

2318 Edgewater Dr., Ste. B, Orlando

The chic boutique located on Edgewater Drive in College Park caters to families with a more simplified aesthetic and a focus on fewer, better things. Much like the items in these quality Easter baskets…

Child Easter Basket:

  • Sleepy Sheepy book – $18.99
  • Affirmation Bandages – $6
  • Do You Really Know Me Card Game – $17
  • Chunkies Paint Sticks – $7.99
  • Olympic RV wooden toy van – $20
  • Resin Puzzle – $16
  • Resin Hair Clips (3 pack) – $14
  • Silk Wand – $14

Baby Easter Basket:

  • Organic Henley Onesie – $18.99
  • Organic Playsuit – $38.99
  • Kitten – $38

Bunny & Clyde Children’s Boutique

122 N. 4th St .,#1014, Lake Mary

This Lake Mary children’s boutique is full of amazing finds for kids! Just look at these sweet baskets the owner put together from her shop.

Baby Easter Basket:

  • Taupe Bunny Easter Basket: $30.00
    JellyCat Bashful Apple Bunny (small): $16.50
  • I am Carrot Book: $18.50
  • Sawyer Cutie Clip: $20
  • Pip Squigz Loops: $11.50
  • Lou Lou Lollipop Wild Teether: $10.95
  • Cooper & Pearl Fawn Blankie: $15

Pink Easter Basket:

  • Pink Easter Hunt Basket: $26
  • Easter Colored Pencils: $11
  • Splash Swim Goggles: $24
  • JellyCat Blossom Jasmine Bunny: $27.50
  • Popsicles Hooded UPF Towel: $32
  • Ruffle Butts Princess Pinafore One Piece: $37
  • Land of Dough Glitter Roll: $6.50
  • Scrunch Sand Moulds: $13.50
  • Smencils: $1.99 (each)
  • Not A Peet Land of Dough (container): $15
  • Sketch & Sniff Gel Crayons: $8.99
  • Sunshine & Glitter x Crayola Sunscreen: $19.95
  • Musee Spring Chick Bath Bomb: $9
  • Arabian Princess Set (Pink & Poppy): $7.99
  • Unicorn Princess Set (Pink & Poppy): $7.50
  • Lil’ Fingers Nail Art: $7.50
  • Shine On Lip Shimmer: $5.95
  • Vanilla Ice Cream Lip Balm: $4.50

Blue Easter Basket:

  • Blue Easter Hunt Basket: $26
  • OMG Pop Rockers: $11
  • Jellycat Woodland Baby Bunny: $25
  • Happy Crab Hooded UPF Kids Towel: $32
  • Fire Truck 3D Socks: $9.99
  • Easter Colored Pencils: $11
  • Land of Dough Glitter Roll (sky blue): $6.50
  • Green Dino Egg Bath Bomb: $14.50
  • Good As Blue Navigator: $26
  • Go Fish Playing Cards: $10.99
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