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New Homeschool Program at the History Center

Calling all homeschooling heroes in Central Florida! Are you ready to embark on a historical journey like no other? The Orange County Regional History Center has just the adventure for you and your young learners. Get ready to unlock the mysteries of the past, customize your learning experience and have a blast while you’re at it. The History Center’s new Hint of History homeschool program is about to change the way you think about history lessons!

Customized Learning at Your Pace

September ushers in a new era of homeschool excitement with the Hint of History program. No need to rush–these drop-in sessions let you tailor your exploration to your family’s pace. As you venture through the museum’s floors, you’ll stumble upon thrilling learning opportunities related to the month’s theme. And guess what? You’ll even get to step into a mock trial set in the historic 1927 courtroom (availability based on participants, so register early and spread the word!)

Engagement at Every Turn

Gone are the days of stuffy history lessons! With the Hint of History program, every member of the family becomes an active participant. Each family member receives an activity guidebook packed with intriguing information and a collectible bracelet that unlocks a world of adventure. From interactive exhibits to engaging activities, you’ll be immersed in Central Florida’s history like never before.

History That Comes to Life

The monthly sessions cover a captivating array of Central Florida’s historical treasures. Whether your young explorers are aged 5 or 11 (or anywhere in between), this program is tailor-made for them. But don’t let age limits hold you back–all ages and families are invited to join the fun. It’s an opportunity to turn history into a living, breathing adventure that will have everyone talking.

Uncover the Details

Ready to jump into the world of hands-on history? Head to the History Center’s website for all the juicy details and registration info. And hey, we’ve got you covered – here is a flyer that you can share with other homeschooling families in your network. Let’s spread the word and create a homeschooling revolution where history is exciting, interactive, and unforgettable.

History isn’t about dusty textbooks and yawns; it’s about excitement, discovery and exploration. With the Hint of History homeschool program at the Central Florida History Center, homeschooling families have a golden ticket to engage with history in ways they’ve never imagined. Get ready to drop in, customize your journey and embark on an adventure that will reshape your understanding of the past.

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