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Mighty Girls Fitness

Photo: Jessica Friend

Mighty Girls Fitness gives Central Florida girls a place of their own to develop both strength and self-esteem.

Kaci Line, fitness coach and owner of Mighty Girls Fitness, has always been passionate about helping others reach their goals. As a child, she would set up fitness camps for the kids in her neighborhood to help them earn the Presidential Physical Fitness Award at school. “It was big deal to get that patch,” Kaci says. Even as a kid, she says, she recognized that feeling strong made her feel confident.

Though fitness has been a lifelong passion, Kaci recalls the moment when she realized that it was time to retire from her career in law to focus on coaching and fitness full-time. “I went to a fitness retreat in Mexico, and it was so empowering to see the women there. Nothing was about how we looked; it was all about how we felt. Feeling good about yourself can help you do anything in life. Fitness can truly help you change your life.” 

With a mission to inspire, motivate and empower women and girls (ages 8 and up), Mighty Girls Fitness is the grown-up version of Kaci’s neighborhood fitness camp. Her unique offering is entirely focused on developing self-esteem and confidence through self-care and fitness. As an American Council on Exercise (ACE)-certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with a Youth Fitness Specialist Certificate, she conducts personal training sessions in Maitland and group fitness classes for women and girls at the Dance 360 studio in Baldwin Park.  

As a mom of two (Preston [13] and Addison [11]), Kaci is keenly aware of how important it is to introduce children to the benefits of movement at a young age. Part of her motivation to start Mighty Girls Fitness was her realization that there is a gap in opportunities to explore fitness for kids who are no longer exposed to physical education at school (for many kids, physical education ends in middle school). 

Photo: Jessica Friend

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“If girls are not involved in sports or dance, there’s no place for them to go. Our classes offer a place to focus on movement — we’re not a gym or a studio — we concentrate on movement. When we move, we feel happy. And what do we want to be in life? We want to be happy.”


Recognizing that growing up is tough, and pre-teens and teens can be particularly vulnerable to questioning their self-worth, Kaci regularly reminds her students, “Exercise is never about how we look; it’s always about how we feel.” She explains that the heart of Mighty Girls Fitness is to help girls develop a healthy relationship with nutrition and exercise so they feel good about themselves. She says, “I want them to feel like they can do anything.”

Class Descriptions:
Workouts integrate games and dance while instilling a healthy lifestyle and developing good character. Every class is a different workout. Classes are 45 minutes long. 

Girl on the Move (Ages 8–10)
Focused on beginner speed mechanics, core strength, flexibility and mobility. 

Fun & Fab Girls (Ages 9–12)
Focused on intermediate speed dynamics and low-level plyometric training. 

Teen Fit (Ages 13-17)
Focused on speed dynamics, plyometric training, and strength training. The workouts will include different forms of workouts such as HIIT, Boot Camp, Total Body and Yoga. 

Classes take place at Dance 360 (4867 New Broad St.) in Baldwin Park.

Check the website for class schedule: mightygirlsfitness.com

Written by
Cortney Thekan

Cortney Thekan lives in Conway and is the mother of two brilliant, quirky kids. She serves as PLAYGROUND Magazine’s irreplaceable editor-at-large, business consultant and den mother. Cortney is the owner of Core Publishing, providing professional writing and editing services to businesses large and small.

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Written by Cortney Thekan


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