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Mia Has the Write Stuff

Many writers spend their entire lives trying to break into the big leagues, aiming to snag a byline in Time magazine or The Washington Post. But Lake Nona grade schooler Mia Muniz, age 10, can already add that feather to her cap, as she recently became a Time for Kids reporter.

Mia, a fifth grader at Eagle Creek Elementary, beat out over 300 applicants from across the country to be selected as one of 12 reporters to write for Time for Kids, a weekly classroom news magazine published by Time magazine. 

What set Mia apart in this competitive field of kid journalism? “I think it’s because I’m very imaginative, and I have a sparkling personality!,” Mia declares without hesitation. She credits her mom, also a writer, and her teachers for inspiring her love of writing. “They’ve been really encouraging to me and have been my strength-builders,” says Mia.

Mia has been writing stories for years and has quite the imagination, according to mom Amanda. Fueled by her love of reading, Mia offers this advice for other would-be writers, “I think it’s important to read a lot of books and never to give up.”

On Mia’s Time for Kids reporter profile, she lists her top three dream interviews: Serena Williams, Michelle Obama and Taylor Swift. In the meantime, she’s tackling assignments about the new U.S. Tennis Association, which aligns with her passion for tennis, and a community outreach center where disadvantaged people go to shop for groceries. She also interviewed author Robert Hoge, discussing his memoir Ugly: A Beautiful Story About One Ugly Kid, and author Wendelin Van Draanen, who wrote The Secret Life of Lincoln Jones. Although she’s been interviewing nationally acclaimed writers lately, Mia also set her sights on some local stories, as she’s made a couple pitches about Universal Studios. 

With some national writing clips already under her belt before middle school, Mia could be headed toward a long and highly successful career in journalism. Or theater. Or sports. When asked what she wants be when she grows up, Mia says, “I’m leaning toward a performer on Broadway, an anchor on the Today show or a career in sports, such as tennis or swimming.”

Regardless of where she’s headed, she’ll be taking her own advice on how to achieve your dreams, “Work hard, never give up, and it’s OK to make mistakes.”

Wise words spoken like a seasoned reporter.

Written by
Lisa Beach

Lisa Beach is a local mom, freelance journalist, content marketing specialist and copywriter. Check out her writer’s website at LisaBeachWrites.com.

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Written by Lisa Beach


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