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Meet KaiPod: A Highly Personalized Microschool in Winter Garden

KaiPod Learning, Winter Garden

A Cozy Student-Centered Learning Space in Winter Garden

Microschools and hybrid schooling are gaining popularity in Central Florida and beyond. KaiPod Learning offers a new approach to school with student-centered, small group learning communities for kids in grades 3-12 – including their newest location in downtown Winter Garden.

Kate is one of many students who have found their niche at KaiPod. Despite trying online education, it wasn’t until discovering KaiPod that she found the perfect balance of support and flexibility.

Hyper Flexible Plans

At KaiPod, groups of up to 12 students come together in a fun and friendly environment to work on their coursework, participate in fun activities, and collaborate with their peers — all supported by an experienced KaiPod Coach. With hyper flexible part-time and full-time plans, families can use any curriculum and follow a schedule that works best for them, ensuring that each child’s education is as unique as they are.

Small Group Connections

KaiPod isn’t just about academics — it’s about building close relationships and fostering essential life skills like cooperation, empathy, and independence. Expert Learning Coaches offer encouragement and mentorship in a safe space where kids can be themselves and feel seen and accepted. Small groups provide a collaborative environment where students can thrive academically and socially, blending the best of homeschooling and online education with the warmth of close-knit, in-person learning.

KaiPod Learning Microschool

Scholarships Available

KaiPod also accepts Step Up for Students scholarships, making their innovative educational approach accessible to all Florida families. As an approved Step Up scholarship provider, KaiPod accepts funds from the Unique Abilities (FES-UA) scholarship and Personalized Education Program (PEP) scholarship available to all Florida families. Learn how these scholarships can cover the full cost of KaiPod Learning on their website’s pricing page.

Summer Camps

KaiPod also offers Winter Garden weekly summer camps! Don’t miss out on exciting summer programs for ages 8-16. Spaces are limited to 12 students per week, so secure your spot now!

Discover a new approach to education at KaiPod Learning. Visit kaipodlearning.com to schedule a tour today!

KaiPod Learning Summer Camp in Winter Garden


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