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Landrie’s Nursery: Farmhouse Feminine

This soft color palette will make you blush.

When Kimberly Lummus found out she was having a little girl, Landrie, after five long years of waiting, she was excited to get started on the nursery. “We have an 8-year-old boy, so when we found out it was a girl, I immediately knew I wanted something soft and feminine.” 

To bring a vintage feel to Landrie’s room, Kim mixed her son’s Pottery Barn crib with a rocking chair from when she was a child. She also reworked her husband’s grandfather’s dresser to give it an updated look. With the help of Randie Vella at Furniture Restoration (407-575-3011), she updated the dresser using whitewash gray chalk paint.

To go along with her personal style and keep the room soft, she chose blush and mint as her primary colors, and incorporated them into the drapery, the bedding and accents throughout the room. 

For artwork, she chose a gold-stamped piece that reads, “Have Faith” (her daughter’s middle name) and a piece that reads, “Some Things Are Worth the Wait.” Both pieces stood for the long road it took to have Landrie and the faith they kept while going through the process. 

To bring out the farmhouse look, Kim updated the lower half of her walls using a pattern that helped pop the soft blush wall color. 

Finally, she added a delicate chandelier as the primary light source in the room.

When gathering ideas for your nursery, don’t be afraid to incorporate older pieces like Kim did. They can easily be updated to fit the look you’re going for or kept as-is to add more of a vintage feel. Plus, vintage pieces add a personal, comforting touch.

Written by
Kodi Churchill

Kodi Churchill is an Orlando mom to a spunky 2-year old boy and enjoys fostering cats, listening to 90's band Hanson and watching Disney movies. Her previous roles include writing and marketing for the tech and sports media corporations. She has a bachelor's degree from the University of South Carolina in Journalism and Mass Communications.

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Written by Kodi Churchill


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