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Kiddie Academy is Going All In for NAEYC Accreditation


NAEYC® can help parents make the right choice on an educational childcare, preschool or kindergarten program.

For more than 20 years, families have relied on NAEYC® Accreditation to ensure the quality of education and care provided in programs for young children.

NAEYC has set 10 standards for early childhood programs that can help families make the right choice when they are looking for a child care center, preschool or kindergarten. The standards and criteria are also the foundation of the NAEYC Accreditation system for early childhood programs. To earn accreditation, programs must meet all 10 standards.

Based on research on the development and education of young children, the standards were created with input from experts and educators from around the country. The standards define what NAEYC—the world’s largest organization of early childhood professionals—believes all early childhood programs should provide.

The 10 NAEYC® Standards are the focused and have higher goals for all these areas:

Standard 1: Relationships
Standard 2: Curriculum
Standard 3: Teaching
Standard 4: Assessment of Child Progress
Standard 5: Health
Standard 6: Staff Competencies, Preparation, and Support 
Standard 7: Families
Standard 8: Community Relationships
Standard 9: Physical Environment
Standard 10: Leadership and Management

Kiddie Academy is enrolling new kids now. Call or visit today. www.kiddieacademy.com

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