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Florida Reading Program Delivers Free Books For Kids

Photo Courtesy: New Worlds Reading Initiative

New Worlds Reading delivers free books to eligible elementary school students in Florida.

In Florida, there are an estimated 400,000 K-5th grade students, not yet reading on grade level. First-of-its-kind, statewide reading program – the New Worlds Reading Initiative – is tackling this issue by delivering 9 FREE books a year directly to the doorsteps of eligible K-5th grade students. 

Photo Courtesy: New Worlds Reading Initiative

This is the perfect time of year for parents or caregivers to apply for their little ones to participate in New Worlds Reading. If an eligible student is enrolled in January, they will even receive free books from the three months prior—October, November, and December—to help set them up for a bright new year!  

To be eligible for the program students must: 
– Be in grades K-5 
– Not yet be reading on grade level 
– Attend a Florida public or district-sponsored charter school 

Photo Courtesy: New Worlds Reading Initiative

Once they’re enrolled, students remain in the program until fifth grade graduation — this means, for example, if your participating student is a kindergartener, over the course of their elementary school adventure they will receive a total of 54 free, high-quality books tailored to their interests! It’s truly the gift that keeps giving!    
For more information visit: newworldsreading.com.

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