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Photo: Nicole Mitchem; On location at RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club

Blow off some steam with these family-favorite classes for kids.

Favorite Dance Studio

Orlando Ballet School
2201 McRae Ave., Orlando
407-418-9818 | orlandoballet.org

Favorite Gymnastics Studio 

Orlando Metro Gymnastics
Multiple locations

Favorite Swim Lessons 

YMCA of Central Florida
Multiple locations

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Favorite Swim Lessons

Goldfish Swim School 
5445 Lake Howell Rd., Winter Park
407-410-4660 | goldfishswimschool.com

Favorite Kid’s Exercise Program 

Mighty Girls Fitness & Yoga
4804 New Broad St., Orlando 

Favorite Karate Class 

Victory Martial Arts
Multiple locations

Favorite Music Class

School of Rock 
5420 Deep Lake Rd., #1024, Oviedo
407-706-3900 | locations.schoolofrock.com

Favorite Riding Lessons

Painted Oaks Academy 
15100 Lake Pickett Rd., Orlando
407-929-0970 | paintedoaksacademy.com

Top 5: Favorite After School Care
  1. A Kids Gym Learning Academy
    1495 Evans St., Oviedo
    407-365-6800 | akidsgym.com
  2. Orlando Metro Gymnastics 
  3. O2BKids!
  4. StarChild Academy
  5. Creative Core 
Favorite Performing Arts Program

Orlando Repertory Theatre
1001 E. Princeton St., Orlando
407-896-7365 | orlandorep.com

Favorite Art Class  

The Art Room 
709 Main St., Windermere
407-909-1869 | artroomorlando.com

Favorite Mommy & Me Music Class

Grow & Sing Studios
Multiple locations
407-970-2774 | growandsing.com

Top 10: Favorite Summer Camp  
  1. Lake Highland Preparatory School
    901 Highland Ave., Orlando
    407-206-1900 | lhps.org
  2. A Kids Gym Learning Academy 
  3. The Art Room 
  4. SeaWorld Summer Camp
  5. All Kids Spanish
  6. Orlando Science Center
  7. Leadership 4Girls 
  8. RDV Sportsplex Ice Den
  9. Orlando Repertory Theatre
  10. Crealdé School of Art 
Top 3: Favorite Kids Night Out
  1. Mad Science Labs
    Oviedo & Ocoee
    386-898-4570 | cfl.madscience.org
  2. A Kids Gym Learning Academy
  3. O2BKids!
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