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Elite Boxing Fitness Center’s Youth Boxing Program

Walk into Elite Boxing Fitness Center in Oviedo in the after-school hours, and you’ll see a room full of boys and girls throwing hooks and jabs during the Youth Boxing program. Children as young as age 7 learn not only the physical aspects of boxing but also important life skills such as courage, kindness and bravery.

Elite Boxing Fitness Center is a family-owned business that has been teaching the art of boxing since 2012. Dorian Beaupierre, owner and head coach, retired as a professional boxer in 2006, but his passion to keep the sport alive inspired the development of Elite Boxing Fitness Center. “Whether your objective is to improve your fitness level, learn a new sport or compete, we will help you to become the best version of yourself,” says Dorian.

Workouts are designed to simulate the routines of a professional boxer. Youth classes also include lessons for students that encourage acts of kindness, tools for conquering fears and emotional growth. Ayanna Beaupierre, co-owner, is a pediatric nurse and educator who focuses on the mental health aspect of Elite’s youth program. She uses the Be Strong and the Brooks Gibbs approaches to educate young boxers about bullying, depression, anger management and building resilience within a variety of social settings. “I think it is very important to connect everything they’re doing with something that’s tangible on the outside,” says Ayanna.

Between growls and heavy breathing during strikes and blocks, the children wear a smile that says they’re enjoying the activity. It is a high-energy and action-packed sport, perhaps perfect for the child who has a lot of zest and rarely sits still. It could also be ideal for children who need a little coaxing and confidence to come out of their shell.

Ayanna explains their catch phrase “easy work” as something the coaches use to keep the kids motivated and confident in their ability to achieve anything they put their mind toward accomplishing, whether it be a test at school or a competition in the ring. The growth mindset that is included in Elite Boxing’s Youth Program encourages mental grit.

Like all sports, boxing requires participants to follow safety precautions to help prevent injuries. The most common injuries experienced in youth boxing are hand injuries. Ayanna, who is a practicing pediatric nurse, says safety instruction at Elite Boxing Fitness Center includes teaching students how to properly wrap their hands, how to properly wear the gloves and how to speak up if something doesn’t feel right.

At Elite Boxing Fitness Center, the goal is to introduce young boxers to the fundamentals of the sport in a safe and comfortable environment and to inspire kindness and courage rather than to simply showcase power and brute strength.

Elite Boxing Fitness Center • 1065 E. Broadway St., #3, Oviedo
Ages 7+; private lessons available for children as young as age 5

15 Benefits of Elite Boxing’s Youth Program:

  1. Learn self-defense
  2. Increase focus and listening skills
  3. Practice self-control & good decision making
  4. Practice memorization & retention
  5. Learn self-discipline & responsibility
  6. Practice physical fitness & healthy living
  7. Improve coordination & motor skills
  8. Increase self-esteem & build confidence
  9. Discuss discipline & good behavior at home and school
  10. Anti-bullying education
  11. Multiple coaches give each child personal attention
  12. Social skills & friendship opportunities
  13. Laugh & have fun
  14. Be a part of a team
  15. Mental health discussion & training by a pediatric nurse
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