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DIY: Braided Faux Hawk

Do your kiddo’s hair up super cool in this fun, braided faux hawk.

Words and photos by Tanya Dombrowski

If your girl is addicted to Cute Girls Hairstyles on YouTube (look it up; it’s mom-approved!), then she’ll love this adorable braided faux hawk hairstyle. Think of it as rocker chic, plus it’s easy to do (seriously!) and perfect for all ages.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Small elastic hair ties
  • A rattail comb 
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair gel
  • Hair spray

How to do the “do”:

1.  Brush hair to remove any tangles.

2.  Lightly spray hair with water to make the hair easier to control.

3.  Section the hair into three parts, and tie each section as you go:
• At the crown (top of the hair)
• At the midsection
• At the nape (lower back of the hair)

4.  Braid each section, and tie.

5. Once each section is braided, loosely tug on each braid, just enough to widen the braid (known as pancaking). Be careful not to tug too hard because then the braid will come apart.

6.  Wrap each section into a circle along the base of the strand.

7.  Secure with bobby pins.

8. Use the gel or hair spray to tame the flyaway hair.

You can customize this hairstyle by adding ribbons, flowers, bows or hair chalk to the braids. Also, you can twist each section, then pin at the top to add pizzazz. Happy fauxhawking!

Tanya Dombrowski is the licensed cosmetologist and owner of Sparkled Pink. It offers spunky individual salon services, such as haircuts, bubblegum facials, glitter tattoos, manicures and pedicures, spa packages fit for a princess, mobile parties and upbeat birthday parties. Sparkled Pink is located at 450 Avalon Park S. Blvd., Orlando, 407-277-2184.

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