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Design Zone Exhibit at Orlando Science Center

Orlando Science Center Design Zone Exhibit

Behind everything we love, design is driving it and math is behind it all.

Design Zone is now open at Orlando Science Center with hands-on displays and activities that explore the creative power of math and how these mathematical concepts are used in real life careers and life experiences.

Step into Club OSC and learn about the relationship between math and music as you learn about pitch, rhythm, and audio visual representations of sound!

Enter the Digital Design Lab and see how designers use scale, patterns, grids, and more in everything from video games to architecture!

Roll into Action Park and discover how math and physics are behind anything that moves. Design a roller coaster, build your own skate park, or race your bike to the finish line!

This exhibit highlights the relationship between mathematical thinking and the creative process in art, music and engineering. Design Zone will be on display at Orlando Science Center until January 9, 2022. It features over a dozen hands-on exhibit pieces allowing you to create your experience.

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