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New Collaborative Corner Clinic Now in Oakland, FL

Collaborative Corner for Exceptional Children and ABA Every Day are excited to announce their partnership and opening of their new clinic. Collaborative Corner in Oakland, FL will offer Central Florida families of children with exceptional needs, such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Speech and Language difficulties, a multidisciplinary approach to their child’s needs all in one place.

Collabortive Corner founder Jessica Barisano and ABA Everyday founder Dr. Karen Hans met through various opportunities and collaborations within the exceptional needs community. Through their work together on several cases, Dr. Hans and Mrs. Barisano quickly realized that both organizations have the same mission and vision for the community: providing families of children with exceptional needs affordable and quality care through a collaborative approach.

This includes coordinating different service providers, therapists, educators, and resources while working together with caregivers. Both Dr. Hans and Mrs. Barisano firmly believe that as a parent, “you are the expert on your child.” Together, they work with families to ensure that parents play an active role, alongside service providers, to offer a cohesive plan for their child’s journey. 

The clinic, located in West Orange County, currently offers educational advocacy, speech and language therapy, feeding therapy, applied behavior analysis, and social skills, all under one roof. Additionally, the clinic also runs a unique program called Play School. Targeted for children six and under, Play School provides opportunities for children in a small group setting to learn the skills necessary for success in a classroom environment. With plans for adding additional services such as social skills groups, mental health counseling, parent support groups, and more, this new clinic is dedicated to serving all the needs their clients and families might have now and in the future.

To learn more about Collaborative Corner for Exceptional Children and ABA Everyday’s new clinic call 401-217-2702. You can also visit their website at collaborativecorner.org, and check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

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