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Bionic Me Exhibit at Orlando Science Center

Are you up for a challenge? Put yourself and technology to the test at the new summer exhibition, Bionic Me, at Orlando Science Center, May 22 through September 5.

Control a computer using the power of your mind, try out exoskeletal super-strength, race against a Paralympian, and see how a bionic eye works in Orlando Science Center’s new summer exhibition, Bionic Me. With more than a dozen interactive exhibit pieces, you will get hands-on with the ingenious technology that is changing the human experience, improving lives, and propelling us forward.

Bionic Me will inspire you to think about the potential of clever technology and how it can change people’s experiences and interactions with the world around them. You will be able to use the power of their minds to move a ball, which can create opportunities for people with mobility impairments. Use a gesture interface to manipulate a robot arm, use night vision to see in the dark, or explore how technology can provide camouflage and make you invisible. What would you invent to help others?  

In addition to this incredible hands-on exhibit, don’t miss Bionic Me around the rest of the building! Try Pop-Up Science demonstrations in the rotunda, see how 3D printing has helped create affordable assistive technology in The Hive: A Makerspace, and more! Come discover the technologic wonders of Bionic Me and be inspired to continue exploring innovative solutions to everyday challenges.

For more information, visit www.osc.org/bionic-me/.

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