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Big Top Birthday

Come one, come all to the greatest party on earth!

Photos by Jessica Friend

Forget the lions, tigers and bears! This modern-day circus party will have your child flipping (literally) with excitement. We’re talking tightrope-walking, silk rope-swinging, trampoline-jumping, professional acrobat-teaching fun! Did we mention the most amazing three-tier, multicolor sprinkle cake with six layers of rainbow madness inside? Add in cupcakes, cotton candy and popcorn galore, and this party just went from big top to don’t stop!

There’s no better place than the Orlando Circus School to host your wannabe Cirque performer’s special day. What? You’ve never heard of the Orlando Circus School (OCS)? Let us enlighten you. OCS was created by two veteran Cirque du Soleil performers who wanted to share their extensive experience with children and adults through unique classes, programs, summer camps and, of course, birthday parties. Their coaches split our party crew of 30 into two smaller groups, which rotated for 90 minutes among learning how to walk on the tightrope, fly on the silks and flip on the trampoline! Your guests will have a blast during this thrilling over-the-top experience. Party packages start at $180.

Did someone mention a three-tier, multicolor sprinkle cake with six layers of rainbow madness inside? Oh, that’s right, we did! The Sweet Shop by 4 Rivers Smokehouse created the main attraction at the treat table. Covered with thousands of tiny colorful sprinkles, this culinary masterpiece piqued each child’s curiosity. Once the birthday song was finished and candles were blown out, the big reveal was about to happen. TA-DA … Hidden beyond the three tiers of sprinkles were six amazing rainbow-colored layers of delicious cake! The Sweet Shop creates custom cakes starting at $29.95.

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