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Bethanne Weiss, aka The Asset Queen

Teaching her students to move their assets from the chair, not the bank!

Afirst-timer at Bethanne Weiss’ Funiq Fitness studio in her beautiful Longwood home would be in for a real treat. Bethanne would likely be dressed in one of her original Funiq Fitness tanks with her dark, curly hair twisted up in a high bun, and she’d certainly be blasting music. With her heavy New York accent, she’d introduce you to the rest of her students, most of whom have been loyal followers for years. You’d then jump right into an hour of Funiq Fitness, a class filled with everything from kickboxing to yoga and always guaranteed to be full of surprises. 

One thing that’s not a surprise at Funiq Fitness is that you’ll move what Bethanne jokingly calls your “assets.” Bethanne defines assets as “that lovely, dozing thing you’ve been sitting on for umpteen years, which I promise to wake up!” You’ll walk out of each Funiq Fitness class looking for ways to add more “moving your assets” into your everyday life. Bethanne’s humor, knowledge and the way she effortlessly blends the two leaves you thirsting for more. 

Bethanne has more than 30 years of experience motivating people of all ages and fitness levels, from helping new moms bounce back post-partum to helping older clients stay fit throughout their later years and everyone in between. Bethanne and her unique fitness coaching and instructing can do it all. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business/exercise science and is certified by the American Council on Exercise in group and personal fitness and nutrition. She was also one of the first instructors to be certified by the International Dance Exercise Association (IDEA) and Step Reebok.

Health and fitness haven’t always come easy for Bethanne. She has struggled with chronic pain and dizziness for much of her life, but she has refused to let that stop her. Bethanne is a motivating icon who demonstrates that despite injury and pain, you can still be healthy and fit. She walks the walk — literally. She’s out nearly every day blazing the Seminole Wekiva Trail. When she must drive somewhere, she looks for the farthest parking spot. She always chooses the stairs over the elevator. Bethanne looks for ways to add movement into her everyday life while encouraging her students to do the same. 

In addition to teaching fitness classes, she also offers personal training, works as a motivational speaker, runs a fitness blog, and has recently written and published a life-changing book titled Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank! Visit Bethanne on the web at moveyourassets.com to learn more about her fitness classes and to read her blog. Her book can be purchased on Amazon. 

Beth hopes to see readers from PLAYGROUND Magazine at her studio soon, and she promises to help you “move your assets” in ways you’ve never imagined!

Written by
Amy Nielsen

Amy is a former educator of 20 years. She has four children ranging in age from 3 to 30. In addition to being a mother, she enjoys watching sports and traveling. She is also a special needs advocate and you can read her blog Big Abilities.

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Written by Amy Nielsen


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