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Baby Boot Camp

Baby Boot Camp is a community centered around fitness, nutrition, and support that offers a variety of fitness classes catering to moms of all fitness levels and stages of pregnancy and motherhood. These interval-based classes incorporate cardio, strength and core for a total body workout. 

Baby Boot Camp (the cornerstone class) is stroller-based and combines strength training exercises with cardiovascular drills using strollers, resistance tubing, weights, resistance loop bands and children for a full body workout. 

Karna Camp takes it to the next level (no littles joining us during class) with high intensity interval training that gets your heart rate up and tones muscles fast, and incorporates the Karna Ball, a functional exercise product designed to support the pelvic core neuromuscular system. 

Restore the Core is a no impact, no cardio, all core mat-based class designed to help you restore and challenge your core strength by incorporating our Karna Ball and ends with a myofascial release stretch and refreshing savasana. 

Other Programs Offered include Core9 Birth Recovery & Diastasis Repair, Run Training & Nutrition Solutions.

There are several Baby Boot Camp class locations around Central Florida. Your first class is free. Register here: https://www.babybootcamp.com/mommy-and-me-fitness-exercise-classes-near-me/florida/

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