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Aerial Arts Classes for Kids in Orlando

Whether it’s an aerial yoga class or a circus-style acrobatics lesson, these kid’s aerial arts classes in Orlando utilize silks, hammocks, hoops and more to enable your kiddos to fly.

Elevate Yoga Center
The sky’s the limit with Kid’s Aerial Yoga on Fridays at 5 p.m. Classes are specifically designed to help children ages 6-12 learn new ways to calm their minds and bodies through poses, focus, breath control, mindfulness and meditation. Young yogis will get stronger and more flexible while building self-confidence by doing things they never thought possible. They offer a package cost of $40 for four kid’s aerial passes.

Elevate Yoga Center | Kid’s Aerial Yoga Class | Photo: Jessica Friend

Orlando Aerial Arts
This parent/child class has it all: musical games, fun activities, plenty of movement, stories, and best of all, circus fun centered around aerial accessories like hammocks, silks, lyras (hoops) and trapeze. 

Joyce Lemos Aerial Arts & Dance Academy
From silks to lyras, this studio offers a range of classes, including one for mini aerialists as young as age 6. 

Orlando Silks
Part of Orlando Parkour, a gym that offers everything from tricking to aikido to yoga, these silks classes teach 8- to 12-year-olds the basics of aerial artistry. 

UKnight Training Center
At UKnight Training Center, athletes have a variety of classes to choose from, such as beginner silks, aerial flexibility, dance trapeze and more. 

Orlando Circus School
As its name suggests, the Orlando Circus School offers classes in skills you’d see under the big top, like trapeze, trampoline and aerial silks. 

AntiGravity Orlando
As long as your youngest child is at least 9 years old, this family class teaches the basics of aerial hammock. It’s high-flying fun for the whole family! 

In Motion Dance Project
Whether you’re looking for private or semi-private lessons, this Orlando studio teaches kids of all ages how to gain confidence, stamina and artistry while their bodies are suspended from the ground.

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