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A Kids Gym Goes Big for Its 20th Birthday!

Photos: Jessica Friend

In celebration of its 20-year anniversary, A Kids Gym Learning Academy has expanded its facility to become bigger and better than ever before. What originated as a 12-student preschool and children’s gymnastics studio has grown to become a dynamic, hands-on learning environment with an eight-classroom preschool that includes a Think Tank (for hands-on science activities) and Control Room (computer lab) for all students to enjoy. Plus, kids in the bustling after-school program (with pickup at seven schools) get to enjoy an updated Study Hall and after-school gymnastics classes in the expanded gym area. A Kids Gym Learning Academy currently has openings in all classrooms and the Smart Start parent/child gym program. Call 407-365-6800 or visit akidsgym.com to schedule a tour and see this “special place kids can call their own.”

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