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7 Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with Kids

Family celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Irish holiday, culture and tradition. Kids wear green leprechaun hat with Ireland flag and clover leaf. Children having fun at St Patrick party.

Every holiday is like a treasure chest full of fun and excitement, and Saint Patrick’s Day is no exception! Whether you’re Irish by blood or just Irish at heart, these playful ideas will sprinkle some extra luck into your celebrations with the little ones.

Dive into the Green Feast

Why stop at wearing green when you can eat it too? Kickstart the day with some green eggs and ham inspired by Dr. Seuss or turn your pancakes into emerald delights. At lunchtime, go green with a buffet of broccoli, celery, salad, guacamole, and grapes, washed down with some vibrant green juice. Who knows, maybe your little leprechaun will be tempted to try some new veggies in search of St. Patty’s Day luck!

Attend a Party

March over to Oviedo’s St Patrick’s Day Festival, a family affair of all things Irish. Featuring live Irish entertainment by Colin Farrell, The Byrne Brothers and Finnegan’s Irish Step Dancers, plus stilt-walker balloon artists and face painting for the kids… Fresh Guinness, Smithwicks and Harp on draft for parents! Get into the spirit by painting your faces with shamrocks or donning silly hats and headbands from the nearby dollar store. And don’t forget the greenest member of your clan wins the day!

Celebrate Irish Music

Drop in on a Kindermusik class during Irish Week, March 11-15, to celebrate Irish music, rainbows and springtime! This preview class is only $5 and is available at their Oviedo/UCF, Winter Park, Baldwin Park, Winter Garden, Lake Nona and Avalon Park/Stoneybrook locations!

Trap a Leprechaun

On the eve of the big day, let your kids unleash their inner mischief by setting up a leprechaun trap. Click here for our DIY Ultimate Leprechaun Trap project. But beware, these leprechauns are experts in evasion! In the morning, your little ones might just discover a tiny treat left behind by their elusive visitor.

DIY Leprechaun Trap Craft for Kids

Hunt for Treasure

Embark on a thrilling scavenger hunt, with the first clue leading straight from your leprechaun trap. Make it educational by incorporating riddles or fun facts about Saint Patrick himself. Let your kids chase the clues around the house until they reach the ultimate prize—a pot of gold coins waiting at the end of their rainbow adventure!

Paint the Skies with Rainbows

No Saint Patrick’s Day is complete without a vibrant rainbow! Encourage your little artists to paint their own rainbows using watercolors or even edible finger paints made from vanilla pudding. Experiment with mixing colors and offer some Lucky Charms cereal as a snack to keep those creative juices flowing.

Dive into Irish Culture

Take a trip to the Emerald Isle from the comfort of your home by delving into Irish culture. Borrow books and movies from the library, watch mesmerizing Irish dance performances on YouTube, and even try your hand (or feet) at some jigs and reels! Get crafty with Irish flag paintings or delve into your family’s heritage if you’re lucky enough to have Irish roots. And don’t forget to feast on some traditional Irish fare like corned beef and cabbage or indulge in tasty Reuben sandwiches if that’s more your style.

Savor traditional Irish fare from Dublin-born chef Stephen Doyle at Hamilton’s Kitchen, the signature restaurant of Winter Park boutique hotel The Alfond Inn. The special St. Patrick’s menu includes corn beef and cabbage ($25) for lunch, plus a la carte dinner offerings of Dublin Coddle stew ($9), Guinness braised short rib ($35) and Irish scones with butter and homemade jam ($10).

With these playful activities, Saint Patrick’s Day will be a memorable celebration full of laughter and family fun. Who needs luck when you’ve got creativity on your side?

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