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7 Valentine’s Traditions to Start with Your Kids

Photo: Nicole Mitchem

By Sarah Lyons

Valentine’s Day usually revolves around couples expressing love, but it’s also a splendid opportunity to shower your kids with affection. While children typically swap cards and small gifts on Valentine’s Day, why not spice things up this year with some whimsical family traditions?

1. Dessert First

Indulge in the sweet side of life by flipping the script—dessert before dinner! Let the little ones dive into cake or ice cream without the usual veggie obstacle course.

2. Shape Up the Meal

Following your dessert-first feast, serve up heart-shaped delights. Whether it’s pancakes or pizza, crafting love-themed meals is both enjoyable and effortless. Get the kids involved in the kitchen for some extra fun and memorable moments.

3. Child-Centric “Date”

While many reserve Valentine’s Day dates for significant others, try a special “date” with your child. Let them pick a place they fancy. If you have multiple children, pair off or take turns, ensuring all get their special one-on-one time. Quality moments strengthen bonds and open up heart-to-heart conversations.

4. Cozy Couch Cuddles

If going out isn’t your family’s style, create a snug haven on the couch. Pop some popcorn, don comfy pajamas, pick a love-themed movie, and spend quality time together. Add red sprinkles to the popcorn for a Valentine’s touch.

5. Bake and Share the Love

Whip up Valentine’s Day-themed cookies to share with your loved ones. Double the batch and spread the joy by gifting them to someone spending Valentine’s Day alone. Cookies are a sweet way to show you care and spread cheer.

6. Hearts Hide-and-Seek

Turn your home into a love-filled adventure by hiding paper hearts. Let the kids embark on a heart-hunting quest, and reward the most successful heart hunter with a prize. Have prizes on standby to ensure everyone gets a chance to be a winner, promoting sibling love.

7. Declare Your Love

Express your love the old-fashioned way—by saying it. Have each family member share one reason why they love the others. Write these reasons on scraps of paper, tuck them away in a special envelope, and revisit them year after year for heartwarming memories.

This Valentine’s Day, go beyond the ordinary and create cherished moments with your little Cupids.

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