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3 Inclusive Playgrounds in Orlando

Whether you’re looking for a place that’s calming to the senses or wheelchair-accessible, these three play spots are designed for all kids, no matter their needs or abilities. 


2296 Camelia Dr., Kissimmee

Senses Park

SENSES Park is a fully wheelchair-accessible playground that brings a calming experience to children who are prone to overstimulation or those on the autism spectrum. The play structures are separated by space to allow for self-learning, exploration and a less intense social play experience. There are also musical instruments (like bongo drums, xylophones and a marimba), a low-level climber, a sand pit, a huge disc swing and a climbing wall. Parents and children alike will love that it’s a place where you can also get in touch with nature, whether it’s by listening to the soothing, natural sounds that echo throughout the park or rolling down its large, grassy hill. 

Cannery Park

901 Virginia Ave., St. Cloud

Cannery Park

This beautiful park in St. Cloud is designed to bring together Central Florida kiddos of all ages and abilities. With two zip lines, low-slope ramps, lots of slides, four different types of swings and wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round and gliders, this playground is as easy to navigate as it is diverse. Plus, its wide-open build allows many children to play at once without it ever feeling overcrowded. 

Engelwood Park

6050 Lake Underhill Rd., Orlando 

Englewood Park

Sometimes playgrounds can be overwhelming due to too much noise or hordes of kids running wild. This tranquil park is a haven for young ones who prefer a more serene setting. Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood, this park is filled with lovely trees that provide shade and insulate sound. The park also offers picnic tables, spread-out play structures, swings for babies and a disc swing for multiple children or children who don’t like tight spaces. 

Written by
Jasmin Barone

Jasmin Barone covers one of our favorite topics — playgrounds! This local mom, who is also an educator at The Studio School in Orlando, treasures all the outdoor opportunities Orlando has to offer. After living on a small island in Maine with only one playground, she was stunned to find that Central Florida had such a rich landscape to experience playgrounds 365 days a year. Since moving to the area, she’s become an expert on the best local spots. Follow her @DangerDadRuggedDuck and be on the lookout for more of her playground roundups!

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Written by Jasmin Barone


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